Galia Lahav Haute Couture

Galia Lahav is recognized in Israel and abroad with prestige and elegance thanks to her unique and luxurious designs of evening dresses and bridal gowns.

Galia Lahav was born in Russia and was educated in Israel. Galia was involved in art and teaching for 15 years and in her 30′s found the way to express her big love to fashion, romance and sensuality and started to design haute couture bridal and evening dresses at her fashion house.

Galia Lahav’s collections are spectacular and unique and exhibit modern style while emphasizing the small details, the sewing quality and luxurious European imported fabrics.

Galia Lahav designs evening dresses and bridal gowns for powerful and elegant women.

The fashion house “Galia Lahav” determines a new level for elite fashion in evening dresses and bridal gowns in Israel and abroad.

The fashion house “Galia Lahav” grew and developed for more than 3 decades and became a brand name in Israel and abroad with its flag branch in Tel-Aviv and another 2 branches in Ashdod.

In the year 2008, Galia Lahav designed the dresses for the television show “Dancing with the stars” and today at the year of 2012 Galia Lahav designs all the bridal and evening dresses for the Israeli beauty contest.

Galia Lahav designs dresses for celebrities and society women and consider as one of the leading designer.

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The 2013 Grand Royale Bridal Expo

We were lucky enough to participate at the 2013 Grand Royale Bridal expo in Granville hosted by the wonderful wedding blogger – Wedded Wonderland. Here are a few pic’s of the night…

IMG_0205 - Copy


Renata with Wendy from Wedded Wonderland



IMG_7226Renata & Jessica at The Brides by Francesca stall

IMG_7220Rakell wearing the ‘Olivia’ Couture gown from Brides by FrancescaGRBE1Rakell posing next to the gown she wore down the runwayIMG_0091The big proposal we had on the night!IMG_0086 IMG_0129BackstageIMG_0152